Best Time Entertainment makes you think you're selecting the tickets you want, but their policies allow them to replace your tickets with "equal or greater value" tickets. The problem is that they decide what is equal or greater, not you, and you don't see what they've given you till the tickets arrive, and then you're stuck: no exchanges, no refunds.

We selected & paid for tickets facing the stage, received an email showing the seats we ordered, and then we received tickets on the far right side of the stage, as far over as you can get and not actually be BEHIND the stage. Also, even though you can select tickets close to the stage upon ordering, you're actually ordering anything between rows A and Z, so you could end up in the first row that you selected, OR the last row 3 miles up. Read their policies first before ordering, they basically sum up to "You'll take what we give you and like it". Read the policy, read the policy, read the policy.

NO ONE would order tickets from them if they read it first, because everyone naturally expects that if you order tickets, and get an email saying "here's what you ordered", you won't be sent something else and told the seats you selected weren't what you really wanted, you instead wanted completely different seats much farther from the stage. It's like Monty Python's parrot sketch, but in real life.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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